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A business oriented webhead

I’m a passionate digital business developer who loves innovative ideas. I have experience from leading the online department in Tele2 Norway, and have an education from brand communication, marketing and product design.

Innovation and the possibilities in online technology really interest me, and I’m driven by professional challenges that requires the use of real creativity, together with proven theories. Especially when it results in learning new things and skills.

The joy is always when the whole results in great solutions and products that help the business achieve their goals, and at the same time makes the customers happy.

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#🌴 #⛵️

#🌴 #⛵️

knuthelge 26 days ago 19


knuthelge 54 days ago 32
Defy reality.

Defy reality. #OculusQuest

knuthelge 91 days ago 35

T–to-the-B-to-the–G . #Tønsberg

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Neeesten sommer! ☀️

Neeesten sommer! ☀️

knuthelge 125 days ago 51
Buss for tog. Påske på Østlandet. 
#Vy #VyNot

Buss for tog. Påske på Østlandet. #Vy #VyNot

knuthelge 125 days ago 15

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Great people seek great people! Do you know the perfect person for my department, Data & Technology? 😄 #GroupM…
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RT @mabentzen: Spennende rolle i teamet til @knuthelge!
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Day 2 didn't disappoint either! What a day at work! #nextmno #groupm #CircusIsInTown @ Eventhallen
#nextmno #groupm #CircusIsInTown
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What a day 1! Media Circus and bio hacking. #nextmno #groupm @ Eventhallen
#nextmno #groupm
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This is insane. A 60.000 hour documentary around the Takumi craft from Japan.
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RT @larrykim: Comprehensive guide! 💪 How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Complete Guide (2019) @crowdspring @ro…
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